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Official GSPNUK MEGA pack

This Pack Includes:

Members Wall Plaque
Award Wall Plaque
Bar Runner
Bar Coasters x 4
Bar Hygiene Rating Sticker

Save when you buy the mega pack .


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Official GSPNUK Wall Plaque

The essential GSPN product, featuring the official members design your new GSPNUK plaque is made of 3mm aluminium faced composite both waterproof and UV proof for use indoor and outdoor with two holes ready for mounting on the wall of your bar, supplied with screw caps.


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Official GSPNUK Bar Coasters x 4

Add our GSPNUK Bar Coasters to give your pub that authentic look. 100mm x 100mm Gloss Finish Coasters are 3mm thick, rigid and wipe clean. These dense coasters carry the official GSPNUK logo in eye-catching full colour and a super high gloss finish.



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Official GSPNUK Bar Runner

GSPNUK Bar runner, to give your pub that authentic look.

W: 41.5cm x H: 22.5cm

GSPNUK Bar runner is ideal for soaking up any accidental spills, and can be cleaned easily in the washing machine. Featuring a non-slip rubber back.


NEW-GSPNK-55 Hygiene-Sticker.jpg

Official GSPNUK Bar Hygiene Rating

Add our Bar Standards rating sticker to give your pub that authentic look.18cm x 12.5cm Ratings available either Zero - Urgent Improvement Necessary or Five - Very Good

Made of sticky backed vinyl to apply to a wall or window for indoor and outdoor use.


NEW-GSPNK-55 Merch Award.jpg

Official GSPNUK Award Wall Plaque

Add our GSPNUK Award Wall Plaque for the authentic style visitor advice.W: 20cm x

H: 20cm The GSPN award you select yourself, One star-Merde, Five Star-Par Excellence, featuring the official GSPNUK members design .


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